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Hypnotherapy to reduce stress and anxiety

Complete Relaxation | Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety

Do you need relief from stress? Are you suffering with anxiety? Do you feel overwhelmed, emotional and worn out?

You know you need to do something to break the cycle but you probably feel too exhausted and tired to do anything.

You can reduce stress and anxiety right now with this gentle, permissive hypnotherapy program. Specifically written and developed to deal with effects of a stressful lifestyle, Complete Relaxation hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety guides you to think differently use the energy consumed by stress in more productive ways.

Complete Relaxation is based on the hypnotherapy program Antoine Matarasso taught cancer patients and carers at the Queensland Cancer Fund for many years.

Regular use of the program will help you develop positive responses to stress, anxiety and feelings of panic. Complete Relaxation hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety is also appropriate for those suffering long term illness or loss.


Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety

What’s included?

A double MP3 / CD pack  Complete Relaxation features 4 tracks and full instructions ensuring you get the most out of the program

  • Track 1 – an introduction explaining hypnosis, the program and the process of change

  • Track 2 – a hypnosis audio program to quickly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and induce feelings of deep calm

  • Track 3 – an introduction to part 2 of the program

  • Track 4 – a hypnosis program to mentally reprogram the way you think, feel and respond to anxiety

Complete Relaxation hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety is the ideal hypnotherapy program for anyone who feels stressed or anxious and desires a deep level of inner calm.


COMPLETE RELAXATION – Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety

Online price: Au$59.95 
Until December 31th only Au$39.95 for download or Au$49.95 incl. worldwide shipping for CDs



Pack Contents

Complete hypnosis program – Instant download 4 x MP3s tracks or Double CD pack both with downloadable worksheets

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Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Stress and Anxiety
Other Ways To Purchase

Contact us to order by mail or phone or purchase via iTunes.

Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic – New Farm Hypnotherapy
PO Box 1944, New Farm
QLD 4005 Australia
Ph. 07 3254 1373

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What clients say about Complete Relaxation

“Just wanted to get a quick email away to you re our trip overseas.

We returned last Thursday after 5 weeks away in Europe.
I saw you again a few days before we left to reinforce our first visits.
I was thrilled with how my flying went. At no time did I let myself drift into old habits.
On our long flight home I actually slept for 6 hours!!! It was such a wonderful feeling of triumph. I actually enjoyed the service on board. 😆
I was actually also pretty relaxed around “some” heights. Was happy to sit at window for breakfast on the 24th floor and look at the views. Would never have done that once.
Thankyou so much for helping me along the way.
I will be singing your praises to all who listen!!
Kind regards”  – Janet

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