Looking Good

Lose weight the natural way with the hypnosis weight loss program that works. Available as an instant MP3 download.

Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Weight Loss

Weight Loss The Natural Way With Hypnosis

You’ve probably tried numerous diets and fads to lose weight only to find it harder and harder to stick to your weight loss plan.

The Looking Good Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Weight Loss is different, it isn’t a diet, it isn’t an exercise program and it certainly it isn’t about feeling deprived.

It is about getting back to eating and moving your body in a completely normal and natural way. This is achieved without the highs and lows of traditional dieting and yoyo weight loss / weight gain. You won’t feel deprived, just happy that you’re in control.


  • choosing foods that you know are good for you and being very aware of what you eat
  • not overeating and you’ll stopping eating once you’re full
  • enjoying moving your body and choosing to be active rather than inactive
  • feeling much better about yourself and the way you look

Looking Good Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Weight Loss is Trancesolutions' MP3 / CD weight loss hypnosis program written and recorded by clinical hypnotherapists with more than 60 years combined experience in hypnosis and weight management and it is based on our successful clinical program.

Pack Contents

Looking Good Hypnosis MP3s and CDs For Weight Loss Includes:

  • 6 x tracks and downloadable worksheets to ensure you get the best out of the program:
  • Track (1) – An introduction explaining hypnosis and how this weight loss program works (13 minutes)
  • Track (2) – A hypnosis audio program to reduce stress and anxiety and train your mind to drift quickly and safely into the perfect state to learn and make change (25 minutes)
  • Track (3) – A hypnosis program focusing on the positive changes and reducing negative feelings (24 minutes)
  • Track (4) – An introduction to the Looking Good program (5 minutes)
  • Track (5) – Looking Good Part 1, a hypnosis audio program to change the way you interact with food (23 minutes)
  • Track (6) – A hypnosis audio program to increase your motivation to move your body in a health way (20 minutes)

What Our Customers Say

Customer Testimonials

"I would like to report that I am having great success, I have been using the program for a week, have had no cravings and have lost two kilos. I have a packet of chips in the cupboard I’m convinced I won’t be eating."
- Sam