Enjoy A Social Life Without Alcohol

Enjoy a social life without alcohol or binge drinking. Available as an instant MP3 download.

Hypnosis MP3s and CDs to Enjoy Social Occasions Without Drinking

Enjoy Social Occasions Without Drinking Alcohol With This Hypnosis MP3 Program

Imagine being able to;

  • socialise confidently and happily without drinking
  • be in complete control at every social occasion
  • remember every part of the evening
  • wake refreshed the next day

Socialising Without Alcohol will help you achieve this and more. You’ll enjoy social outings much more, be able to relax, be confident, and be yourself – without the need to drink alcohol.

This hypnosis MP3 or CD program will boost your self-esteem and improve your relationship with friends and family. No more binge drinking or a couple of glasses too many; you’ll have more energy, a clearer mind and a better night’s sleep.

If you have listened to our Taking Control program, you can understand that resisting the urge to drink can be challenging at times; however, this hypnosis audio program will help you fight urges and provide you with the steps and a positive way to stay alcohol-free in today's day and age.

Pack Contents

Enjoy A Social Life Without Alcohol, Hypnosis MP3s & CDs Includes

  • 4 x tracks and full instructions to ensure your complete success.
  • Track (1) – An introduction explaining hypnosis, the program and the process of change (11 minutes)
  • Track (2) – Complete Relaxation, a hypnosis audio program to reduce stress and anxiety and train your mind to drift quickly and safely into the perfect state to learn and make a change (25 minutes)
  • Track (3) – Changing Your Focus, a hypnosis audio program that focuses your subconscious mind on the positive changes you want and their benefits (25 minutes)
  • Track (4) – Socialising Without Alcohol, a hypnosis audio program that improves your confidence and reframes social activities, so you enjoy them even more without drinking.


What Our Customers Say

Customer Testimonials

"This audio program has helped me overcome the cravings and self-pressure to drink at events. Since listening to Trancesolutions, my life has certainly been more positive"
- Glen K