Enjoy natural, restful sleep and wake refreshed. Available as an instant MP3 download.

Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Sleep and Insomnia

Enjoy Natural Sleep, Drug-Free with Hypnosis

Are you one of the millions who have trouble falling asleep at night? Perhaps you’re one whose mind can’t switch off after you turn out the light at night. Maybe you’re frustrated with how long it takes you to sleep.

Imagine for just a moment what it would feel like to;

  • fall asleep quickly and naturally without medication
  • sleep deeply, allowing you mind to rest properly
  • wake every morning refreshed and alert

The  Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Sleep and Insomnia MP3s / CDs will help you achieve this and more. This hypnosis for sleep program deals at a subconscious level with the causes of insomnia like being unable to stop thinking, stress, distracting noise, discomfort, irregular work patterns like shift work and even the inability to simply switch off naturally.

The Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Sleep program is a safe, natural, drug-free and long-term solution to your sleepless nights. It will help your brain switch between the waking state and sleep quickly and easily by “switching off” your conscious mind and re-establishing your natural sleep cycle. The relaxing and calming effects of hypnosis for sleep make it an ideal tool to overcome insomnia and rebuild healthy sleeping patterns. Unlike some sleeping medications, hypnosis has no unpleasant side effects.

  • Calm your mind and stop racing thoughts
  • Help you ignore any external sounds and distractions
  • Reduce anxiety and worry that keeps you awake
  • Re-train your mind to find your normal sleeping pattern naturally

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Sleep has been one of our most popular programs for more than 20 years and is soundly based on our clinical work and practice. It is the natural way of quickly overcoming insomnia, and with regular use, you’ll be able to switch off your mind, reduce anxiety, and wake refreshed and rested.

Pack Contents

Deep Sleep Hypnosis CDs & MP3s for Sleep and Insomnia Includes:

  • 5 x tracks and downloadable worksheets to ensure you get the best out of the program:
  • Track (1) – An introduction explaining hypnosis, the program and the process of change (9 minutes)
  • Track (2) – a hypnosis audio program to reduce stress and anxiety, slow your mind and allow it to drift quickly and safely into the right brain wave activity conducive to sleep (35 minutes)
  • Track (3) – A hypnosis audio program to replace unhealthy sleep habits with new helpful habits and thinking patterns (27 minutes)
  • Track (4) – An introduction to the Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Sleep program (6 minutes)
  • Track (5) – The Deep Sleep hypnosis audio track ensures deep and refreshing sleep. This track is composed of hypnotic suggestion, mixed with cutting edge technology to induce deep relaxation and restful natural sleep. Deep Sleep should be used as you go to sleep. (29 minutes)

What Our Customers Say

Customer Testimonials

"I hope this email finds you well. I am doing great. Just wanted to say how very grateful I am for the amazing turnaround in my life – regarding my looong standing Insomnia. Insomnia? What Insomnia – I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS NOW – THANKS TO YOUR PATIENT AND SUPPORTIVE PROGRAMME. I could not have done it without you. During the day, I am no longer as tired as previously and certainly not as cranky. Weight loss seems to be happening, and life, in general, is not such a struggle"
- Pam Berg