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Cut Your Losses Gambling Addiction Hypnosis - Trance Solutions Hypnosis MP3 CD

Cut Your Losses

Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Gambling Addiction

Cut Your Losses

Stop Gambling With Hypnosis

Is gambling becoming a serious financial problem for you?

Are you addicted to the pokies, online gambling or horse racing?

Have you tried to stop only to find that gambling has such a hold that you just can’t?

Are your finances in a mess because of gambling?

No-one is born gambler, gambling is generally something one drifts into over time. You might have started just putting a few dollars in a poker machine on a Friday night with your friends. Before long you’re losing more and more until gambling has become an addiction that’s consuming your money, time, resources and relationships. Cut Your Losses, Hypnosis for Gambling may well be the answer to breaking the cycle.

Did you know?

Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers and lost $24.89 billion on gambling in 2017-18 according to Australian Gaming Council. During the COVID-19 period the proportion of Australians who gambled 4 or more times a week increased from 23% to 32%.

Why is so hard to stop gambling?

You may have tried to stop gambling in the past only to find yourself drawn back to the machines or gambling app on your phone. This is because gaming machines are designed to keep gamblers playing – and losing. The sounds, lights and game play make you think you are about to win so you play for longer and lose more money. The pokies and internet gambling sites are designed to be hypnotic in effect to keep you playing and losing. 


How does hypnosis for gambling work?

Addictions are driven by patterns or habits formed in the subconscious mind. When you start gambling it might be fun or even exciting and a win compounds these feelings and the behaviour continues. This forms patterns which are linked to emotions such as excitement or anticipation. When these patterns become automatic behaviour for you and you gamble compulsively the behaviour becomes an addiction.

This Cut Your Losses Hypnosis for Gambling is designed to help you reverse this process step by step and take you back to your old behaviour before you formed the pattern, back to a time in your life when you were not addicted to gambling.

Cut Your Losses Hypnosis for Gambling MP3s and CDs provides effective strategies for stopping or reducing gambling, particularly the use of poker machines, online gambling and horse racing. As you use this hypnosis program for gambling you’ll quickly notice a change;

  • the pokies and gambling will have less and less appeal to you
  • you’ll find more constructive and positive ways of dealing with life’s challenges and with boredom
  • your perception of gambling will gradually change
  • you’ll be able to socialise and enjoy yourself without the need to gamble
  • you’ll feel happier and more in control of your life and finances.

This program will also help you re-evaluate and change negative or unhelpful recurrent thinking, this in turn allows change to begin in the way you will act and react to life’s challenges.

Cut Your Losses Hypnosis for Gambling MP3s and CDs will also assist in strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem. This hypnosis MD3 / CD audio program is a powerful way to break your gambling habit and build new behavioural patterns, it will help you regain control and stay in control of your life and finances.

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