Anxiety Free Dental

Hypnosis to help overcome dental anxiety and phobia. Available as an instant MP3 download.

Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Overcome Anxiety and Phobia of Visiting The Dentist Using Hypnotherapy

Imagine what it would be like to;

  • visit your dentist without feeling anxious
  • feel completely relaxed in the dentist’s chair
  • know that your teeth are healthy and clean

Dental phobia or dental anxiety is one of the most common anxieties, and fear of dental treatment affects more than 58% of the population. For some, dental phobia is so powerful that they don’t get dental care for years while know

If you are nervous about going to the dentist our Anxiety Free Dental Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Dental Anxiety is for you. Hypnosis has been used to ease dental anxiety for more than 150 years and will ease anxiety, fear of choking and help deal with any negative past experiences.

Most people can use hypnosis to relax, focus the mind on safe and comfortable images, and even create numbness or anaesthesia in a particular part of the body.

This Trancesolutions program was produced in collaboration with renowned Brisbane dental surgeon Dr John Yong Gee who specialises in treating clients who suffer dental anxiety.

Anxiety Free Dental is ideal for anyone who feels stressed or anxious about dental visits.

Pack Contents

Anxiety Free Dental, Hypnosis MP3s and CDs for Dental Anxiety and Phobias Include:

  • Anxiety Free Dental includes 2 CDs and 5 tracks
  • Track (1) – Explains hypnosis and the process of change (7 minutes)
  • Track (2) – A hypnosis track dealing with dental anxiety (25 minutes)
  • Track (3) – An introduction to your anxiety-free self-hypnosis exercise
 (5 minutes)
  • Track (4) – A guided self-hypnosis exercise for you to use during dental visits
 (14 minutes)
  • Track (5) – The same exercise with 30 of music which you can transfer to a phone, iPod or MP3 player for use at the dentist should you need it
 (32 minutes)

What Our Customers Say

Customer Testimonials

“I am writing to say a very big thank you for your wonderful Hypnosis CD titled Anxiety Free – Dental. It has been a wonderful success.

My most notable success case was a woman who had never been to the dentist without having nitrous oxide sedation for any dental treatment except a checkup. She was extremely petrified, and anxious and had many fears. Luckily, she was willing to listen to my recommendations to have a go with your hypnosis CD.

We did not try for a simple filling appointment. On her next visit, we worked on her for a 5-and-a-half-hour full mouth build-up appointment, including opening her bite and changing her smile. She was even calm enough to have a retained root extracted at the end of the appointment.

My patient also commented that the CD was extremely useful for general relaxation. All she needed was her pen as a focal point as she followed the instructions you gave her in the CD.
Both the patient and I are extremely happy with the results and would recommend it to all anxious patients who are willing to have a go at relaxing at the dentist.”
– Dr John Yong Gee BDSc