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Focus and concentration for tennis

Playing Tennis To Win | Hypnosis MP3s and CDs To Improve Tennis

Written and recorder for an elite tennis player Playing Tennis To Win Hypnosis MP3s and CDs To Improve Tennis will equip you to be as mentally prepared for all your tennis matches. Experiments with athletes has shown that practicing a sport through visualisation or hypnosis reinforce the same neural pathways as actually physically practicing or performing. You can get in the zone by using hypnosis so that want you visualise in a hypnotic state builds ‘muscle memory’, and because you visualise ‘perfect practice’ hypnosis is a very powerful training tool.

It has long been recognised that hypnotherapy can play an important part in mental preparation for any sport, and these techniques have been successfully used by sports teams and individual competitors. Using Playing Tennis To Win, you will notice improvements in your game, motivation and focus and choose to use whichever audio track is appropriate at a given time.

You must to win in your mind before you can win on the court, and this is why so many sporting teams and successful competitors use hypnosis techniques as an integral part of their preparation.

Hypnosis MP3s and CDs To Improve Tennis

What’s included?

Playing Tennis To Win : Hypnosis MP3s and CDs To Improve Tennis features 6 x tracks with full instructions for use to ensure that you become mentally prepared to play your best game:


  • Track 1 – an introduction explaining hypnosis, the program and the process of change

  • Track 2 – a hypnosis audio program to reduce stress and train your mind to drift quickly and safely into the perfect state to learn

  • Track 3 – a hypnosis audio program to help focus your thinking and learn to use your subconscious abilities

  • Track 4 – an introduction to the Playing Tennis To Win program

  • Track 5 – a hypnosis audio program to increase your concentration, focus and confidence during a match

  • Track 6 – a hypnotherapy program which will help you deal with distractions and negative thinking about your game


PLAYING TENNIS TO WIN – improve your tennis

Online price: Au$59.95 
Until September 30th only Au$39.95 for download or Au$49.95 incl. worldwide shipping for CDs



Pack Contents

Playing Tennis To Win hypnosis program – Instant download 5 x MP3s tracks or Double CD pack both with downloadable worksheets

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Hypnosis MP3s and CDs To Improve Tennis
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“The CDs and just great! I can feel real change after just a few days”

– Robert

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