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Can Children Respond To Hypnotherapy?

Research and clinical experience shows that children usually respond very positively to hypnosis. Most children have a wonderful capacity for imagination and will often respond to any hypnotic journey suggested to them.

Children have very active “fantasy lives” and most parents know that younger children seem to be entranced in their own world much of the time.

Hypnotherapy techniques and suggestions should be adapted according to the age and development of the child for the most effective results.

Trancesolutions has produced a range of professional hypnotherapy programs for children based on age and gender, these programs are based on our clinical work and have proved to be very effective in helping resolve various issues with children. We also offer a service creating personalized hypnosis CDs for children.


No unwanted or negative side effects

One of the great advantages in using hypnosis with children is that there are no negative side effects. These techniques are calming, drug free and enjoyable for the child. In fact most children look forward to using the CDs.

Hypnosis with children has been shown effective for:

  • Asthma

  • Dyslexia

  • Behavioural problems

  • Stuttering

  • Anxiety and self confidence

  • Nail biting

  • Bed wetting

  • Childhood phobias

  • Sleep problems

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Sports performance

  • Academic performance


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