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Hypnosis and Phobias | Common phobias and how to overcome them

No matter what fear of phobia you suffer from, and there are many hundreds, it’s important to realise that phobias are not a type of mental illness. The term phobia is derived from the Greek word for fear and refers to a number of conditions that can range from minor inconvenience to serious disability.

Phobias can be divided into three categories:


  • Specific phobias
  • Social phobias
  • Agoraphobias 

Specific Phobiashypnosis and phobias

Specific phobias are those generally related to a single trigger such as a fear of flying, fear of dogs, fear of heights, fear of spiders etc. These are all given different names such as fear of flying – Aerophobia or Aviophobia, fear of dogs – Cynophobia, fear of heights – Acrophobia, fear of spiders – Arachnophobia. (For a list of phobias follow this link.)

Many specific phobias can be traced back to specific triggering events which may have occurred at an early age and have set a subconscious response pattern.

Specific phobias respond very well to hypnotherapy as hypnosis can change your subconscious response to situations which cause anxiety. This can be achieved by personal therapy of using the hypnosis MP3 / CD programs. If you are unsure which hypnosis MP3 / CD to use, email us at Trancesolutions with some details and we’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours.

Social Phobias

Social phobias or social anxiety are generally fears to do with fears relating to our performance with or around other people. These can cause us to experience severe anxiety when faced with normal, everyday situations. Social phobias are some of the most common phobias and generally respond well to hypnosis. A very common social phobia is the fear of public speaking.

The root of social phobia / social anxiety is often a fear of being judged by others, worry about how others might perceive us or about how we are going to cope or handle certain situations.

If you suffer social phobia / social anxiety most social situations can become difficult, as can any situation where groups of people are involved such as work events or social function particularly when meeting people for the first time. Before and during these times you may constantly worry about what others are thinking about you, about whether people are judging you, and often have the feeling that you are being noticed in everything you do.

The symptoms of social phobia and social anxiety can vary greatly between sufferers, but often include palpitations, dryness of mouth, weak bladder, blushing, stuttering, sweating, shaking, diarrhoea, and feelings of panic.

Social phobia / social anxiety can affect the your life in many ways affecting your social life, finding a partner and education opportunities.

In extreme cases sufferers use avoidance techniques to control their anxiety which in turn can lead to agoraphobia and depression.

Conscious interventions such as CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) are not always successful in treating social phobias as most sufferers already know that their fear is out of proportion to any real danger. Hypnosis and other brief interventions can help you to act and react differently in problematic situations making you life free of old restrictions.


Literally translated from the Greek, agoraphobia means “fear of the marketplace”. Agoraphobia is a generalised fear of leaving a familiar place or area which is deemed safe, such as your home. To do so may be followed by an onset of panic attacks which the sufferer of agoraphobia will avoid at any cost. This results in a limited ability to enjoy life as avoidance of “unsafe” places becomes the norm. Many sufferers are not afraid of open space in itself, but rather the situations found in these places such as meeting other people or a perceived lack of safety.

During times of severe anxiety an agoraphobic may feel unable to leave their home or “safe place” at all resulting in this being a very limiting condition.

Agoraphobia can be successfully treated using hypnotherapy and a range of hypnosis MP3s / CDs are available from Trancesolutions, email us at Trancesolutions if you need more information.

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