Hypnosis audio programs are an effective way to lose weight.

If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, become healthier and feel more comfortable in their clothes you’ve probably tried very fad diet that’s come your way.

Research shows only 1 in 200 dieters achieve their goal

Research shows that only 1 out of every 200 dieters achieve their goals! The failure rate of diets and weight loss programs is 99.5%. The Washington Post reports that out of every 200 people who go on a diet, only ten lose all the weight they set out to lose. And of those ten, only one keeps it off for any reasonable length of time.

If that sounds like you and your weight loss attempts have been unsuccessful or difficult, perhaps your subconscious mind has been “working” against you. Your thoughts and behaviours are largely controlled by your subconscious mind, in fact, clinical research has shown that 98% of everything we do stems from this subconscious programming. This is why we so often seem to find ourselves doing the very things we try hard not to do.

Diets and many of the current weight loss fads are not recommended by most professionals, who consider such an approach to weight loss as dangerous.

Hypnosis and weight loss

Successful weight loss is as much about changing unconscious habits and re-educating your mind as it is about dieting. This makes hypnosis is one of the most natural ways to lose weight.

Physical exercise and sensible eating will always be part of any useful weight loss plan, and when these are combined with the Looking Good hypnosis MP3 / CD program, you’ll quickly find your own natural way to lose weight.

The Looking Good program is a multiple MP3 or double CD pack designed to help you to view your old eating habits in a different way. This it will be achieved without the highs and lows of traditional dieting. At the same time suggestions for improved self-esteem and self-confidence are given, so not only will you achieve your goal of losing weight, you’ll also feel much better about yourself.

Give yourself the best change of steady, permanent weight loss with the Looking Good Hypnosis Audio program.