Frequently asked questions


Does hypnosis really work?

Hypnosis has been used for more that 200 years to help people improve their lives.
Many academic papers have been published over many years showing how effective hypnotherapy can be. This is true for habit change, psychological conditions, many medical issues, weight control and much more. Medical search sites, such as PubMed,  Medscape and WebMD, contain medical journals on successful use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
For example, hypnotherapy has been shown to be by far the most effective treatment for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You can find research information about this by following this link.

Are hypnosis audio programs dangerous?

No, they are not. 
These hypnosis programs help you access a completely normal and natural trance state which is the state In which you are best able to bypass the conscious, critical mind and make the subconscious changes you want.

However if you suffer from any significant mental health condition Please seek the approval of your treating physician before using the programs. If they deem it unwise for you to use them we will provide you with a full refund.

How are Trancesolutions hypnosis audio programs different from others I have seen on the internet?

Trancesolutions hypnosis audio programs are very different from many currently available. We don’t use gimmicks and firmly base what we do on up to date clinical practice, the same practice we use daily in our clinic.

Many other hypnosis programs available online contain one 20-30 minute therapeutic track either on CD or MP3 download. We take a different approach by structuring what we do on our current clinical work.

Using a Trancesolutions hypnosis program is almost like having a series of clinical sessions.

Our programs are made up of at least 3 and up to 5 hypnotherapy tracks combined with a full introduction and a comprehensive information pack and worksheets.

They are complete programs designed to be used over 4 – 6 weeks which is the period of time it takes to build new habits and new neural pathways. Watching this short video will explain this process.

By definition MP3s and CDs are generic but we make the best use of hypnotic techniques so that you find making change easy and enjoyable.

First and foremost we are clinicians and we want you to be successful in your therapy and for the changes you make to be long lasting and beneficial.

How long will it take for me to notice any changes?

This varies for each person. Some people notice very rapid change particularly when having specific goals like stopping smoking or controlling alcohol. Others may not notice significant change for 2 or 3 weeks. This is no different to having one-on-one sessions at our clinic. The key is to complete the program in the way outlined in the materials sent to you. If you are diligent about using the program as intended you will achieve your change goals.

How should I use the program?

Full instructions  are sent out with all programs. If you have more than one program it is best to use them one at a time unless the issues addressed are closely related. For example, using Looking Good (weight control), and Enjoying Life (self-esteem) together would be fine, whereas using Looking Good with Smoke Free (quitting smoking) may not be as useful as the techniques used and goals being achieved are different. If you need help with this, email us at [email protected] and we’ll always be happy to advise you.

After completion of the program many clients continue to use a track a couple of times a week simply because they feel so much better for taking some time out to relax.

Do you guarantee your products?

Absolutely and unconditionally.

We’ve been providing hypnosis tapes, CDs and MP3s for more than 25 years. Many of these recordings are based around our clinical work at Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic and are given to clients who visit the clinic.

We are confident that, if used as directed the programs will help you as they’ve helped thousands of our clients, in the clinic and around the world. We offer an unconditional money back guarantee on all of our products. All that we ask is that you use your chosen hypnosis program as directed for a minimum of 30 days which is what we recommend if you want to make personal changes in your life. If after that time, you’re unhappy with your purchase you can return any physical products to:


PO Box 1944
New Farm QLD 4005

and we’ll refund you the cost of your purchase in full.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions regarding the use of our hypnosis programs please contact us.

Did you know that…

The quality and efficiency of hypnosis programs is dependent on experience and therapeutic skills of those who created them. Trancesolutions programs are created by professional therapists with many years’ experience in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. We don’t only produce hypnotherapy MP3 and CD programs, we work every day with clients from all walks of life helping them deal with issues such as anxiety, stress, work issues, and personal and health problems.

Online Store

How can I purchase hypnosis products?

Thank you for visiting the Trancesolutions website. To get started with your online shopping experience, please visit the Shop page. Here, you can browse our hypnosis audio programs and add them to your shopping cart. Once you are ready to finalise your purchase, head to the checkout page to complete your order.

Do you have an age limit to purchase?

Some of our products are produced for younger ages groups and others are suitable for older age groups as the context of the program is tailored to different ages and requirements. Our hypnosis audio programs are safe and can be purchased by customers of all ages.

How do I receive my product files?

Trancesolutions provide you with an option to choose a digital download or physical CD package for your order. Digital download orders are sent an order confirmation email with the direct download links for each file included in the program.

Physical copy programs include files and hypnosis audio CDs which are posted to your specified shipping address. If you are wanting to receive your files quickly, we suggest choosing the digital download option.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, Trancesolutions sell to all countries and we ship physical products internationally. If you wish to receive your files instantly, we recommend choosing the digital download option.

What payment options to you provide?

Trancesolutions provide secure credit card processing for Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We also provide PayPal option for those wishing to pay with PayPal.

Afterpay is also available for customers wishing to take advantage of the buy now pay later flexibility.

Can I place an order for a friend?

Most certainly, simply run through the checkout process as you would for any order.

Do you ship your orders?

Yes, we provide shipping for physical copy products to customers both in Australia and internationally. Shipping times can vary so we encourage you to select the digital download option to receive your files instantly.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Customer accounts are not required to make a purchase. Guest checkout is available for all customers wanting to make a quick purchase. If you wish to create an account, click here.