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    Deep Trance : Hypnosis CDs To Achieve Deep Trance

    Deep Trance has been developed to help clients learn to achieve very deep levels of trance. In a busy and pressured lifestyle, making the most of relaxation is essential. This program will teach you how to relax quickly and deeply allowing your body and mind restorative rest. Deep Trance is an ideal complement to our other therapeutic programs.



    What’s included?

    The program contains a single two track CD and workbook:

    • Track 1 is an introduction to trance and how to use the program

    • Track 2 trains you to effortlessly drift into trance

    • Track 3 teaches you trance deepening techniques

    The ancient Egyptians called trance “healing sleep”, you’ll be amazed how much better you feel and how much more you achieve when you take the time to relax and allow you mind and body to rest.
    Prepared using the latest hypnotic techniques, this program has been life-changing to many clients. When used in conjunction with some of our therapeutic programs Deep Trance produces powerful and rapid results.

    If you are having difficulties with your studies or your memory, or you just want to do better, this program will help you achieve your best.


    DEEP TRANCE – enjoy deep relaxation 

    Online price: Au$59.95 
    Until August 30th only Au$32.95 for download or Au$39.95 incl. worldwide shipping



    Pack Contents
    • Double CD or MP3 with downloadable workbook 

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    What clients say about our programs
    Dear Antoine
    My husband and I have been listening to the CD each night and although he thought I was crazy at first, he is normally asleep before the introduction is finished ! We have had a few good laughs about my CD but both agree it works.
    Let me know what you think I should do now.
    Thank you !

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