Hypnosis and Panic Attacks

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Hypnosis is a well-recognised and researched treatment for panic attacks. Do you have times of anxiety and panic where you experience some or all of these symptoms? palpitations or a pounding heartbeat sweaty palms a tightness in the chest dizziness difficulty breathing uncontrollable thoughts dissociation from your surroundings dear of losing control or doing something […]

Hypnosis and Weight Loss Information

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Hypnosis audio programs are an effective way to lose weight. If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, become healthier and feel more comfortable in their clothes you’ve probably tried very fad diet that’s come your way. Research shows only 1 in 200 dieters achieve their goal Research shows that only 1 out […]

Information About Hypnosis and Psoriasis

Hypnosis and Psoriasis - Trancesolutions

The skin – the body’s largest organ We tend to ignore our skin until we get a cut or a blemish which reminds us of its existence, often thinking of it as no more than mere wrapping to protect the delicate organs of the body. To begin to understand its problems, it is important to […]