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Can you quit smoking? Trancesolutions Hypnosis Audio MP3 and CD Programs

Can I quit smoking with hypnosis?

Most of us know people who simply quit smoking, friends who decided to stop, threw away their cigarette pack and have never started again.  The chances are that you’ve tried this method and it didn’t work for you and this is one of the reasons you have enquired about Smoke Free.  Most of the smokers we have worked with have tried various ways of quitting their habit including :

  • cold turkey; can you quit smoking

  • nicotine patches, gum or inhalers;

  • drug therapy such as Zyban or Champix;

  • acupuncture;

  • laser therapy;

  • cutting down or even;

  • group therapies.


Why do people find it hard to quit?

One reason why people often try to give up smoking and fail is because they don’t realise that quitting smoking is a battle of the mind as well as the body. Unlike other methods, smoke free will help you to successfully overcome all three dependencies associated with smoking.

What are these three dependencies?

Nicotine dependency: Perhaps you wake each morning craving a cigarette. This is due to nicotine dependency, as the level of the drug in your bloodstream has dropped while you were sleeping.

Habitual dependency: Are you one of the many smokers who gets into the car and lights a cigarette before driving off?  All smokers have habitual dependencies, smoking when they have a cup of coffee or talk on the phone.

Psychological dependency: Many smokers have a cigarette when they are stressed, perhaps lonely or bored.  We are psychologically dependent when we use cigarettes to change our mood or as a coping mechanism to deal with unpleasant emotions.  Smoke Free helps you overcome all three dependencies making it the most effective method for you to quit smoking permanently.

Smoke Free is one of  most comprehensive guide to beating the habit available. It is practical,positive and provides everything you need to quit your smoking habit – permanently.  The kit comprises a 96 page interactive manual and two self-hypnosis CDs which  are used at different times during the program. This easy to follow method will give you complete control of how and when you quit.

The process uses the same proven techniques used in our Brisbane Clinic.  It is painless and effortless.  You will be amazed at its simplicity and effectiveness as you begin to reap the immediate financial and health benefits of quitting.  For an average smoker, smoking a pack a day, Smoke Free pays for itself in less time than it takes to complete the program.

Can I quit smoking with hypnosis? You certainly can. And you’ll join 1000’s of others who have successfully quit using Smoke Free both at out clinic and at home.

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