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The Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Australia's premier association for hypnotherapists

Australian Hypnotherapists Association

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) was founded in 1949 and officially registered in 1956. Members of the AHA pioneered Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia, and some have been in full-time professional practice for 50 years. The AHA is a professional association which sets high standards in the specialised field of Hypnotherapy. There are members in nearly every state of Australia and New Zealand working in private practice, agencies and hospitals.

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association regularly evaluates the skills of its members and national and local workshops are held to Australia hypnotherapists association enable members to develop their clinical skills.  

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association standards for membership are set out in the book, “A set of Competency and Professional Standards for Australian Clinical Therapists”. This is the first such standard published anywhere in the world, and copies now reside in the National Library of Australia, the Library of Congress in the United States of America, the National Library in the United Kingdom, the National Library in New Zealand and most Australian State Libraries.

The AHA is founder member of The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia which is Australia’s Peak Body for the profession. The Australian Hypnotherapists Association has branches in all Australian states and maintains international affiliations with like minded bodies across the world.

Antoine Matarasso served on the national board of the AHA for more than 18 years first as National Vice-President then for 6 years as hypnotherapy council of australia National President. He is a Life Member of the AHA. All of the clinical hypnotherapists involved in the development of Trancesolutions hypnosis audio programs and working at New Farm Hypnotherapy – Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic and also clinical members of the AHA. Antoine is currently the National President of The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, Australia’s Peak Body for hypnotherapy.

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