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THANK YOU for visiting our home on the web. You can order our hypnosis MP3s and CD programs and start your journey to personal improvement and making the changes you want.

You may want to lose weight, to quit smoking, to control drinking or break a pattern or habit. Whatever goal you want to achieve we can help you. As some of Australia’s most experienced Hypnotherapists we have more than 75 years combined experience in helping our clients change, grow and reach their goals.  Our team includes the President of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, the President Emeritus of the Australian Hypnotherapists and other highly qualified therapists experienced in our field. You can have confidence that we have the experience and skills needed to help you make the change you want and achieve the best possible outcome. Since 1998, in our clinic and through these hypnosis MP3 and CD programs we have helped over 20,000 clients from all walks of life.

Enjoy our website: and if you’d like to make an appointment for a personal session or would like help about what might be the most suitable hypnosis program for you, email us at [email protected]. We’re friendly, approachable and always happy to talk with you.

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Featured Program | Taking Control – Reduce Alcohol

During the current COVID-19 health emergency many of us have been encouraged to work from home or have been encouraged to remain socially isolated for a significant period of time. Reports have shown that with the closure of pubs and clubs this has resulted in a rise of alcohol sales of 34% for home consumption causing concern among health officials that many of us are drinking too much as a way of coping with our anxiety about the current crisis. 
For example, many Australians who previously reported only drinking alcohol on week-ends not say that they are drinking daily. Others say the are drinking because of “the anxiety about the complex social situation we are in. People are worried about their jobs, finances and getting ill.” This has created the “perfect storm” for getting into the habit of drinking too much and too often.
If your habits have changed recently and you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and limit your drinking Trancesolutions hypnosis MP3 or CD program Taking Control will help you do just that. Taking Control has fast become one of our most popular and successful 
program both online and at our clinic as many of us realise that what ‘s helping us to cope with anxiety quickly develops into an unwanted habit that’s difficult to overcome. 
If you’re drinking more than you’d like to, drinking everyday or simply want to get back on track, Taking Control will help you change drinking habits quickly and easily.

With a combined experience of more that 70 years of working in a therapeutic context and a range of successful and proven programs, you can be confident that Antoine Matarasso and the therapists at Trancesolutions have the skills needed to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Order Taking Control as an instant hypnosis MP3 download or CD, you’ll not any moderate your drinking but feel less stressed and much more in control.

Featured Program | COVID-19 Stay Safe Program

We’ve recorded the Stay Safe program and we’re giving them away free to show our appreciation for all the front line medical staff who are working so hard to keep us safe. We’ve done really well in Australia compared to many other countries, and a recommended precaution for avoiding contracting COVID-19 is to avoid touching your face with a potentially unclean hand.
This is difficult to do as it’s an unconscious response and on average we touch our faces between 27 and 21 times an hour. To help you overcome this tendency we’ve giving away our new program “Stay Safe”, no conditions, no catches it’s a completely free 2 track MP3 download.

The program comprises both a conscious and unconscious component.  The conscious exercise is explained in the introduction to the program and the unconscious reprogramming on the hypnosis track “Stay Safe” will help you break the habit of touching your face and also help you stay safe, well and calm. 

You can download “Stay Safe” completely free from our clinic site The program will also help you manage any stress or anxiety you are feeling about being isolated or the present situation in general.

At our clinic we aren’t doctors or nurses, we’re hypnotherapists and psychotherapists and we can use our skills and training to help our community at this difficult time. We’re giving “Stay Safe” away to show our appreciation for all the front line medical staff who are working so hard to keep us safe. We hope that helping you avoid touching your face will keep you well.

Stay safe and well,

Antoine Matarasso
Principal Therapist
National President Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

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